AWT - Acoustic Wave Treatment
AWT - Acoustic Wave Treatment

AWT® (Acoustic Wave Treatment) involves introducing acoustic waves into affected regions of the body. Medical applications for these acoustic waves go back to 1980; they have been successfully used in pain therapy and in treating a wide range of other conditions.

Recent studies show that acoustic waves have beneficial biological effects that, in aesthetic treatment, may lead to activation of metabolic processes and stimulation of connective tissue. Therapy outcomes are generally excellent and benefits may last up to six months.

Acoustic Wave Treatment (AWT®)

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Focused and radial Acoustic Wave Treatment (AWT®) for body shaping and cellulite treatment.

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AWT – Acoustic Wave Treatment

Prior to treatment with acoustic waves, a layer of gel is applied between the skin and the handpiece. To stimulate the connective tissue, high-frequency acoustic waves are emitted.

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AWT – Acoustic Wave Treatment
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